270 km of applied technology
on the spanish high speed rail line
Leon-Valladolid-Burgos section

Over 250 professionals currently
working on railway macro-projects
in Spain, USA, UK and Brazil

Crossrail in London (UK)
wireless voice communications, radio, data, emergency and environmental, monitorization, CCTV solution in a 24Km long tunnel

Over 830 km of
rail electrification infrastructure
installed and maintained in Spain

Carrying out projects with leading
technological companies in
railway automation and safety since 1983


Our company and mission

The world becomes more increasingly and most critically on systems and technologies. Those that are currently available are multipliying exponentially and becoming more and more complex. So on the requirements related to installation, maintenance and operation. TELICE has contributed to this development since 1973.

Our extensive experience has made us a preferred partner that had carryed out quality works and service projects for significant public administrations, and also building contractors and technology companies.

Our specialists can carry out a wide range of complex tasks related to the design, installation, testing and maintenance of different technology systems, as either a contractor or subcontractor.

Our customers profit from our philosophy that is focused on provide directly comprehensive services 'in the field'. That simplifies the accomplishment of all requirements, streamlines execution operations and improves flexibility, resulting in costs reduction and fine adherence to deadlines.

Ready to face whatever customer needs
Technological skills adapted to every implementation
Correct project and works management, which encompasses the know-how of the conditions under which the service is provided

Our values


The basis of our company is our ability to carry out projects efficiently and effectively, offering optimum quality, safety and performance with the avaliable resources.


We work actively to satisfy our customers' needs, whom value our core proposal for “TECHNOLOGY IN THE FIELD” and seek a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.


The natural outcome of a service that provides value to customers is to obtain a financial return. We strive to optimize financial and economic resources for all of our customers, contracts, people and assets.


We exercise leadership at all levels, starting with senior management, making it an integral part of the company's organization and encouraging the personal development of all our employees.


23 December 2016

Innovation to Face Any Challenge

Telice's Policy is based on continuous improvement, as much on its resolution capacities in commisioned works as well as innovation to generate new products and solutions. Because of this, the company is focused on feeding and mantainig a workplace environment that allows the professional development and personal growth of his employees, and lines of cooperation with other enterprises, institutions, technological centers and universities that helps to get his principal challenge: put 'technology in the field'. Main activity of this enterprise was centered on railway sector in his more than forty…

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2 December 2016

Design of Scada Systems Adapted to the Customer’s Needs and Requirements

Further than automation in railway sector, monitoring and control of the systems involved is critical for all the nets and facilities. This is as well in rail sector as in industrial or civil work environments. Engineering and TI departments of Telice works side by side to offer a series of Scada Solutions completely configurable and adaptable to the customer's needs and requirements of any circumstance, location or placement. Because of that Telice created a series of Scada solutions that allows hastening response times to launch them as quick as possible…

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10 November 2016

Telice’s Developments to Prevent Railway Switch Points Blockades in Winter

Telice has designed a series of technologies to prevent railway switch points block situations, even before this situations take place. With this type of products two essential purposes are achieved: first, mantain open the lines in any event; and second, to increase the energetic efficiency with substantial supply saving costs. Telice's TI Department is developing in the last years this solutions based on software meteorological algorithms and in new and efficient railway switch point heater systems. First of all, the turn on control of calefactors on moments required is achieved…

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It is our policy to apply professional and excellence criteria to company management, guided by internationally recognized standards.


Our Quality Management System complies with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard on the installation and maintenance of safety, electrification, and communication and control systems, power distribution lines and electromechanical systems in general.


Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to the norm OHSAS-18001:2007 for manteinance and installation works on Safety, Electrification, Communication and Control systems, power supply distribution lines and electromechanical equipment.

UNE 166002 (I+D+i)

Research, Development and Innovation Management System according to UNE 166002:2006 normative for development in railway construction works in materials and structures areas (assembly and erection of prefabricated frames), techniques, systems and railroad construction processes (installation of power supply railway lines) and sustainability (applied meteorology).


Environmental Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 Normative for manteinance and installation works on Safety, Electrification, Communication and Control systems, electrical energy distribution lines and electromechanical equipment.


Information Security Management Systen according to UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2007 Norm for managing personal, processes and systems, administration teams and finance, operations (bidding and offers, sales and Technical Department) and Innovation, including assets and associated facilities referred to established legally documents.


European Seal of Excellence with more than 200 EFQM points (European Foundation for Quality Management) on engineering field, manteinance and railway sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in science and technology

We wanted to go further in our contribution to the wellbeing and improvement of communities we serve and in which we live, far beyond the innovation and quality of our products and services and our concern for the wellbeing and improvement of our team of staff. In this regard, we have opened our company to the public, universities and training centers, so that our values and the technologies we offer generate an indirect long-term return for the environment.

TMA Foundation

The tMA Foundation (Telice Magnetic Anomaly) is a non-profit organization created by TELICE (www.telice.es) for the purpose of stimulating entrepreneurship, leadership and enthusiasm in science and technology. Our first initiative inspired the launch of a Fab Lab in the city of Leon.

FabLab Leon, democratizing technology

A co-working space for students, lecturers, professionals, entrepreneurs, craftspeople and anyone with a curiosity for or interest in digital manufacturing. It offers a set of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) machines that can be used by all people and provides free access to a network of experts to manufacture almost anything. An space where imagination have no limits.

Think, design and manufacture!

What is FabLab Leon?


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